Saturday, May 3, 2014

Be Rational. Think in Ratios

To American Literati, Readers
in Humanity, Dialecticians,
and Colleges Across the Curriculum.
This will be on the final exam
How else command  your EAD
(Efficient Attention Disease)? –
a disease as much as your attention
deficient  disease, true? Need we
RATIOS – be rational.
Efficient Attention (focus) comes
at the expense of all else that’s
going on.
To focus only on what I’m focused
on is descriptively irrational. Common
sense,  sure—no doubt. And irrational.
Be rational. Think in ratios.
Purpose, Plans, Aims, Goals,
Measurable Objectives on the
one hand and on the other
Be rational.
Think in ratios.
(Do you think this is just a trick
with words: on the one hand,
yes.  It is. )

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