Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rationalizing the Ratios


In any given more or less
closed system, consider how
reasonable, how rational:


entropy to negentropy ratios
random to order ratios
news to noise ratios
muddle to tidy ratios
pain to pleasure ratios
stupid to smart ratios
rigor to innovative ratios
instruct to educe ratios
inform to provoke ratios
confuse to clarify ratios
nasty to nice ratios
serious to ludic ratios
analogic to logical ratios
aimless to purposeful ratios
spontaneous to scripted ratios
lively to deadly ratios
liberal to instrumental ratios
. . .

Be reasonable.  Be rational.
Somewhat think in ratios  &
relationships, not just one-sided,
 half-assed  singularities--as
convenient and conventional
that may be no doubt.

Alfred says the kind of thinking
that gets me into my pickle can't
be the kind that gets me out.
Easy for him to say He's a genus

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