Thursday, May 15, 2014

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking
Play & Be Played
School & Be Schooled

  School ("leisure")  is called gymnasium in Europe
                 aka: “naked training.”


Torn between 2 loves: the savvy and the stupid.
smartipants & fundamentalists,  critical thinkers
& snake handlers,  secular humanists & religious
humanists,  democrats &  republicans, Obama
lovers and Obama haters,  atheists & godly,
occupiers and preppers, John Stuartists and
Bill O’Reilly, Good guys and Bad Guys—it’s
excruciating., my divided loyalties I can’t
stand it.  Sophie’s choice.    

Seriously: I don’t know who is more annoying:
smart people or stupid people. Aggravating in
different incommensurate ways.  Same with nice
people and nasty. You’d think it’d be a no-brainer.
But I find both  equally bothersome  in different
ways. Do I have to spell this out?  I don’t think so.   

I’m building the Tower of Babel single-handedly,
connecting earth to heaven for the good of  man
unkind.  Sounds presumptuous if not grandiose
but never the  less:  my mission from  god & I’m
compelled to obey.  Un-cooperative & so  no lack
of  understanding among  builders seeing as I’m
the only  one to be making the  world a better
place, bridging  2 incommensurate realms

and me:  mediator, pontificator  

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