Friday, May 16, 2014



For those not in love, there’s law, to rule,
to regulate, to rectify. (Wm Gass)

INCOMMENSURATE:  I love this word and
use/abuse it a lot. It rescues. Saves. My salve
& salvation—delivers me daily from my ongoing
crimes against convention and protocol.
Protects my moving violations &  alchemy.

Fools paradise:  room in the inn.
Thank God for incommensuration:
the word, the notion,  the idea, the

People are more important than ideas, my
good old man  would tell me and he’s right,
but I prefer ideas. Solace  They shape  me.
Justify my love.

The values of Finished Product on the one
hand: coherence, consistency, clarity. Hail

The values of Process on the other hand:
incoherence, inconsistency, confusion.
Mothers of my Inventing: blessed are you
among women and blessed are the children
that you bear.

Incommensurate This: the 2 value-sets. The
Two Economies, my colleague  Gary  calls
them. Incommensurate  but collaborative.
Imagine if only one dominated. Be boss.
That would be half-assed yes? 

But The Knowledge of  INCOMMENSURATION
is present to  mediate, suffer in translation.
Prevent the 2 from collapse and confusion.
Otherwise Finished Product dominates,
rules, regulates, rectifies before it's time.


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