Saturday, May 17, 2014

Separation Anxiety


Indo European da, dai - to separate, divide > "divine,"
"daemon," "demon," "time." All in the "to separate" family.
Differences are more important than similarities. Sames
are a piece of cake; no problem. It's the differences that
separate us that make a difference: cherished, fought to
defend & protect the diversity we celebrate; whether
you dip your bread in wine or take them separate is a
difference in Eucharistic protocol that separates sheeps
from goats, etc. Just an example is all. Turn it up. It's
the differences that count. Not the sames

Sampling the Whole (a reduction)

Inside a convention, a culture of right and wrong,
correct and not,  good and bad: disciplines, tradition.
Differences that make a difference as opposed to
differences that don’t.  Students sit in class, arms
across their chest:  bring it-- no need to take notes;
look:  there they are (thru the door)  hump back over
a desk,  taking a quiz, taking a test,  taking  an exam
& time to go home jiggity jig.  Money  for credit and
the chicks for free.      

Information & Instruction.  Provocation & Eduction.
A difference  Radical. Incommensurate. The two
values: hostile but complementary in ratios rationalized
in play and neither boss of the  other. Tell it like it like
is;  give it to me straight short-cut delivery on the one
hand: instruct me:  say what you are going to say,
Information on the one hand.  

Or provoke and see  what emerges--full labor
delivery. Out! Out! Damned spot.

Facebook, my Facebook  (virtual groves of Academe)
Somebody out there likes me, really likes me. Motive
for my unceasing perishable publications. Maybe only
God. Extra terrestrial audience. Obedient: listening to
what I  have to say, commentary, expostulation,
concerns, see my  family pictures,  dogs asleep, left over
pizza,  guitars I would sell,  walking on the beach,  my
progress in grad  school, outrage  over environmental
issues,   neglect of returning veterans, girls abducted in
Nigeria,  Putin,  internecine religious controversies: this
is for you,  somebody: booty broken for view..

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