Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Our Amateur Standing, Dear Colleagues

OUR AMATEUR STANDING, Dear Colleagues:  

Your favorite disciplinary idea,  notion, pattern,
regulating metaphor of preference that, for you,
represents your academic field of dreams , holding
together differences & diversities that might could
otherwise  eclipsing the “same”: share. Say.

A reduction, sure, how could it be other wise; how else
relate this and that and those and them and at the same
time do no injustice to their uniqueness? A liberal art.

Well, of course doing injustice:  always a given;  we know
factor that in from the start and don’t let it impede the
need to make our sense,  put it & us  in play, to wonder
as we  wander what icompels our obsession: the  
discipline we love so well, our life-long service project.  

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