Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Stupid Club (Call for Papers)

              Stupid Club 
(Faulty Development Across the
Curriculum . Doctors without Borders)

Fools Rush Inn  By passing industrial
aims, goals, & measurable  objectives:
macular conceptions like starlings &
swallows fly in to brood, swap half-baked
premonition, stumble and stutter a
solecism or 2, crack wise, pin some tales
on the donkeys, anticipate emerging
phenomena and revelations: plink,
plank plunk everyone’s in the kitchen
with Dinah and a good time had by all.

Any facultyL submission welcome  24/7  
Summer of 2014 whine released before
its time or after makes no never mind-set
and no referees need apply.

A faulty that brays together stays together.

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