Friday, June 13, 2014

A WHOLE New Mind


Title of a book by Dan Pink anyone can google and listen
to him talk about the schizo-phrenic split between “left”
&  “right” brain values  and  the linear/non-linear kind
of talk that’s been popular since the 60’s.

We are shifting  from the Informational Age to an emerging
Conceptual Age —where  an MFA degree may  eventually
offer an  environmental edge over an MBA., says Pink, 
though state legislators and test-based account-
ability experts & SAT  influence and such will


You know where this is going.

On the one hand:  you straight arrow, conscientious critical
thinking, spread-sheet artists, assessmental geniuses, grounded
Get R Done-ers, sequential & consequential addicts, 
chrono-logicians,  lucid schemers and good
citizens .

On the other hand:  not.

I had a friend who crawled though Pennsylvania fields in
the early 60’s, to prepare for his law boards.

A Dr. in Philadelphia named Delagado was having success
treating paralyzed auto-crash victims,  re-patterning their
brains,  activating new synapses by  starting all over with
crawling —four people,  each working  one paralyzed limbs
going  though the motions.  Making a whole new mind.

My friend figured he might light-up new networks re-
learning to crawl.

I tried a variant —switching writing-hands left to right,
mixing the dominance,  convinced it would fire up my
corpus callosum,  yin-yanger regulator negotiating
the hemispheres, & make me a smarter man..

It did—but now I can’t get along with anyone.

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