Thursday, June 12, 2014

Marching As To War

Onward Xtian Soldiers: Marching as to War.

"Sam, I thank God for His justice and judgments
against the wicked men His wrath is being revealed
against here. You will face the Lord God Jehovah
one day and it will be terrifying thing for you and
your kind. I pray the Lord comes soon and sweeps
you away in His swift wrath of which you have been
begging for in your blasphemies here today."

Desert solitude so to speak don’t have to be in Moab
or Mohave. A frame of mind if not mind-set. Push
past ought. Make no never mind nor Get R Done
nor move on down the road for the time being.

Conviction of Sin  comes in on a wing and a prayer;
immaculate conception as yonder as  Goedel's
theorem in manners of speaking.  I see: me in a cave.
Wet under water. Flatlander  fat as a tick.

Waiting for Gödel.
Stochastic process.
News from noise.
Signs of terrestrial intelligence.
Contact. (What I pray for.)

Fat to Remove
I speak with tons of angles.
Clanging brass and gong show.
Fat to remove (mountains)
Self seeking. Easily angered,
I keep records of wrongs;.
prophecy in part. Reason like
a child; see as in reflection--
the man in the man in the mirror.



    Fulfillment dialectic. What do you think?

  2. "I argued in a previous essay that the most popular contemporary models of world religions have failed, even as the need for a clear and judicious survey has grown. Pluralism proves narrow, confused, and morally conflicted. Exclusivism is either uncharitably crabbed and severe,,," This is all I could get from that link--it didn't connect with the titles (fufillment, relational). Tell me your version of it.

  3. What does it mean when Christ is the end of the law but has not come to abolish it, instead to fulfill it? All religions are a kind of law. Do this, worship thus. And no doubt, we seek justice. We may conceive of it quite poorly, but nevertheless we want it, argue about it, try, fail, reframe, invent a new religion, have another prophet, guru, philosopher... Worship we must, as we are human, even if it is the belly. What is it to transcend it or fulfill it? He says at the end: four dimensions. That's what grabbed me. Luther always said: do not let the law ascend into the conscience. It has no place there. There is the rule of grace and freedom. So maybe in three dimensions we have law, justice and ritual, in the fourth we have freedom. It is a dialectic because it is an opposition.

    1. Abraham is the model for me of not letting law (culture, custom, convention) intefere with obedience. Dialectic is in a sense beyond human good and evil in that it puts genuine opposition in play without letting either side win/lose--especting to generate a synthesis that does justice to both. Obedience is something else. Uncanny and not replicable or generalizable (in my opinion)o

    2. St. Paul draws on Abraham to make the point re salvation by faith (alone).

  4. I went to a free workshop at the library this weekend because the lady who liked my yoga piece invited me. (Turns out she is a Hatha Yoga instructor with cancer survivors). It was billed as low skill, high creative play. It worked because the leader was very good. We did things with clay and paint and bric brac while contemplating given questions. The class was titled "mucking about". We gave non-verbal, vocal feedback on each other's pieces. That was really queer, I though. She said she can't do that with men. She bravely led the way making creative noises.

    1. Yoga - Yoke,. " Mucking" about is important to me (crucial) and my "pedagogy." (My yoke is easy; my yoke is excruciating)

  5. Exclusivism as uncharitable. I think this is a concern you share. Going around saying all Hindus are going to hell, for example, is not saying much, only irritating (which according to some, also has a place). What would it mean that Christ did not end Hinduism but fulfilled it? His law is better and simultaneously more transcendent and of a different nature. What we have in parts and poor reflections, turns out to be something quite different from what we thought. Which does not do away with the three dimensions. ( I am done now.)

  6. Christ might be said to fulfill all religions but when we reduce to the variety of manifestations and representations, we fall into battles and exclusions and righteousness and dissension. A language problem? A problem in representation? Human Nature? Original sin and spin?

  7. As we are told, divisions must be to find out those who get it.

  8. Who needs to find out--who gets it and who doesn't? By whose authority? A trial? A judgement? Which denomination get to be boss? Who says?

  9. Everything has consequences, some very serious.

  10. Catechisms are good for being a little prescient about theses.

  11. Already we've fallen off and away from the uncharitable-ness of exclusivism and whether Christ fulfills the Law all around or whether in the terms of this catechism or that, this denomination or that, this righteousness or that--and better watch out: dire circumstances of whether one is nurtured in this orthodoxy or that reform or this liberalness or that progressiveness - Christ hopping over all of them as if on hot coals--much preferng to walk on water with Carl, no doubt..

  12. I am thinking mostly of the news stories on the front page this morning. Isis killed1700 surrendered soldiers, all fellow Muslims.

  13. Jesus did not refrain from sparring with words, but his kingdom is not of this world. Here we have something wholesome.

  14. Good to know some dangers and do the right things. Some people are called to pontificate about these. As in: take some pepper spray (we don't carry guns here). My son--in-law's friend uploaded this.

  15. A kingdom that is not of this world, the Kingdom within, will not be adequately represented by of-this-world-talk; Individual salvation and social gospel are complementary but radically different (incommensurate) values and concerns. LAW and (as you call it) GOSPEL are complementary but "hostile." How many muslims muslims kill, how many xtian xtians kill is not an argument regarding Christ and his overall LAW and who among us has it nailed down adequately. (Are we also talking Canada vs US , pepper spray vs guns in this ongoing who's got-it-right-who's-got-it-wrong debate? Einstein says the kind of thinking that gets us into our pickle
    can't be the kind that gets us out. Here's the kind that
    gets us there: goodNevil, rightNwrong, correctNincorrect,
    niceNnasty, moralNimmoral, ethicalNunethical, righteous
    Nunrighteousness, naturalNunatural, tastefulNdistasteful, yes, no,uh-huh, nuh uh, yep, nope, is, isn't ... .

  16. I am cleaning house, can you tell.

  17. Can't tell. Any number of things you could be doing. Liked the bear video.