Monday, June 16, 2014

Alma Matrix (Mother of Invention)

Alma Matrix

How any one sees  & talks the talk of  necessary angels text-
messaging info to swimmers swimming  The Amniotic Fluid:
fin stroking Egyptian  ambiance by light of  lucid dreaming is
beyond me.    
It would take immaculate perception un-image-able in my
 Flatlander terms: inconceivable, anything round &
rolling; or else momentarily haul me out of  the small pond
to flip flop in the canoe letting me know the  meaning of all wet.    

Or say decreasing dependence  on the analytical structures
(or propositional
representations)  of tools that result in a
mental  dead end:
the phenomenon known in cognitive
psychology  as
functional fixed-ness & per- hap: further
research employing 
brain imaging  technology to explore
complex data-handling
  protocols with richer mental
representation and greater
  potential for strategy creation.
        (from Neurocogniive Inefficacy of the Strategy
                           Annals of NY Academy of Science)

All 3 :
1)  Some Immaculate Perception.
2)  Momentarily Hauling my sopping
     gills from the Matrix crying out loud
3)  B.I.T: some decent Brain Imaging
     Technology  to explore complex
     data- handling protocol so as to
     enable richer mental representation
     and greater potential  for strategy

That should cover the bases. 
See who’s on 3rd.
We can argue  

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