Friday, June 27, 2014

Do Yu Love Me

Deep Grammar

Carl Critical Thinker framing his
thesis at the Fall Conference for
Liberal Studies scheduled for 3 pm
Thursday afternoon at the O'Hare
Marriott Rainbow Room  followed
by a panel of respondents, reviewers,
assessors and evaluators at 4.:

Be that as it may it behooves us
 & goes without saying one might
reasonably doubt at risk of being
overly cautious it's safe to say with
no disrespect contrary to what one
might expect I can not  emphasize
enough & throwing caution to the
wind without further ado ...

Steven Pinker says every utterance
 has two agenda:

 1) taking care of business
 2) negotiating relationship
    (see me,hear me, touch me,
     feed me, like me if not love

E -m c square  or  Honey, did you
 forget to take out the trash?


The chord progression I-IV-IV-I
will generate an infinite number
of country & western songs, pop
as well as 12 bar blues & rock &
roll celebrating difference and
diversity in whatever key you want. .

Do you love me? At least like?

Cash Bar:
Trump Reception Foyer at 5.

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