Saturday, June 28, 2014

Diabolic: "to throw across"

I"m a satan for Christ’s sake. A bully.
Even though I know my adversarial 

accusations, ridicule, mocking scorn 

will not only not fail to convince any
of their ignorance but will in fact seal
the sealed-in solipsism already 

protecting their homeland insecurities—
I continue to persist in tweaking and
taunting and trying to pin the tales on
the donkey best I can to uncover and 

expose the limits of their thought, ideas, 

belief systems and bias. Cerebral 

wedgies on both sides of the I’ll—liberals
and conservatives, libertarians and
Lutherans, atheists and fundamentalists,
good and bad guys makes no never mind: 

give me your out-to-lunch money—I’m on 

a mission from God.

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