Sunday, June 29, 2014


Ordinary Language Academics:

 Because power is  what it's all about, my
deep- rooted motivation generating my
surface relationships—empowering or
dis-empowering my Will to make
known willy-nillly  tending /ignoring,
 choosing / ejecting some “this” or
“that” after untangling, say, Gordian
Knots & Double  Binds generated between
Alice Affect & Ike Intellect, if you'll allow
me personification and some mythologic
in order to put these noggin notions in
play so as to wonder why they can’t
Just Get Along: my domestic emotional

yes Yes YES, says Alice;
Hell No, says Ike,
Well, ok then, says, Ike
Nope, says Alice.

& Willy-Nilly (assuming he’s got some
sense of  purpose, aim, measurable goal)
may come to some decision —side with
Alice, his sometimes heart-throb; or hang
with Ike, that gnostic agnosticator. Or
maybe consider the emergent values
& phenomena rising up from the ongoing
fight-club struggle.

Always a power struggle. Power to Will.
Will to Power. Empower-mental Studies
& Leadership Programs going on & on
and my willy/nilly be done, damnit, an
ongoing domestic violation where charity
is said to begin and begin again. .

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