Monday, June 30, 2014

Satans for Christ's Sake

Satans for Christ’s Sakes
(Bullies Against Noetic Bulemia).
I know my adversarial  accusations,
ridicule, mocking scorn convince
no bodies of their ignorance but  
in fact seal a sealed-in solipsism
already  protecting homeland
insecurities— never the less I
persist in tweaking & taunting
&  trying to pin tales on  donkeys
best I can-- to uncover &  expose
limits of thought, controlling
meta force, hidden assumptions.
belief systems and bias.   Cerebral  
wedgies on both sides of the I’ll—
liberals & conservatives, libertarians
& Lutherans, good & bad guys makes
no nevermind: give me your out-to-lunch
money—I’m on a mission from God.
Wretch like me.

1 comment:

  1. This controversy hit the top German international news today.

    We might as well be aware of how much manipulation there is, but Germans are very allergic to things related to data security after the Nazis and the Stasi. It's only been two decades since totalitarianism is down.