Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Truth of the Matter: Ways we Talk About IT.

Ways of Talking about the Truth of the Matter:

How can my consciousness know the un-conscious
and beyond —which rules—without reducing it to
conscious process, like talking about sphere in terms
of a flat line?

Am I aware my voiced-to-voiceless alveolar fricative
plural-variations depend upon—are governed by—the
environmental conditions of the final segments of the
noun I unconsciously pluralize? How do I do this?

What does it take to lift a finger? tongue-tap the
alveolar ridge? maintain the valved hum of a low-back
vowel? the glide of a voiced glottal? How do I sustain
such unconscious capabilities & environed mentalism?
Fred Flatlander will tell you. And explain the Ottoman

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