Thursday, July 3, 2014

Oh Say I Can See

Oh say I can see if I were someone else I might be
killing, raping, ripping-off, rioting, conniving, duping,
slandering,scolding, mocking, ridiculing, sleeping on
the sofa all day, in the park at night, stealing hubcaps
and cars, filching cigarettes, selling my body, running
guns, drugs, small children from south of the border,
I could be cheating on my income tax, plagiarizing
my college essays, fooling around with other women
a crazy ego hungry for love or at least like me: really
like me. Thanks to grace-of-god, I am that I am who
I am what I am and it’s a privilege not to be someone
else so I can say what I see and throw first stones at
hypocrisy and flaws and errors and inconsistencies
and contradictions I witness all around and sound
my alarm, let freedom ring my virtue, moral, and
amateur standing. Thank god Iam not like other

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