Monday, June 9, 2014


Gramdiosity. I don’t have a leg to stand on and
live in glass housing but that don’t stop me from
assessing FB posts with disdain: smiling faces
and dogs and platitudinous sentiments, food and
drink and woot woot. All them selfies and then all
the likes.
My colleagues on FB: see-me show offs and don’t
appreciate the social outlet like me as source for
profound and provocative insight—at best: whines
released before their time.
Me: I would salvage Xtianity, take back the blight of
secular and sacred humanismmmm or at least get a
fight club going on with as much success as I’ve
had in the past more than 10 years with faculty.
Arguing is the Answer, not the answers.
Are you there when I crucify our lord? Hammer and
nails: hammer and nails -- all over this land. I can’t
handle the truth. Wiggly. 

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