Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lux et Veritas


Blinded by the light & lost in performance:
dark alley action  going on & on, and it's not
like how you say? how we talk about it:

Commensurationists-R- us:  assessing,
evaluating, rating,  rationalizing, estimating
what's  going on, what's going on with our
under the street light wits about us in our
right minds.

Our Age of Reasons  Why & Whatsa Matter.

       Noblesse Oblige

Got to love hate hating or what good is it?
Hate signals boundaries yet unknown, 
stalwart pioneers exploring outlaw territory
& homeland insecurities.

Bells & whistles: tears & fears: Ah: B.B. Wolf
at the door.  Axes of Evil won't be far behind:
good  & plenty, just right for the practice
of Liberal Art.

Hold it up.  Hold it up to the light

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