Thursday, June 19, 2014

Being Academic

Being Academic

Peripatetic – strolling through the Groves of
Academe wondering what? What the? What
heck?  What the heck kind of a deal is that?

Platonic dialogues never ended in a bang.
Petered out.  Provoking. Educing (educating).
As opposed t0 and not to be confused with
Informing. Instructing. Write this down:
provoke on the one hand; instruct on the other.
Educe on the one hand; inform on the other.
A difference that makes a Difference.  It'll
be on the quiz, test, examination, a measurable


“The weight of this sad time, we must obey.
Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say.” 

My Solipsism: a Safe Place for Crying Out Loud.
a bubble of  oblivion,  salved  &  salvaging, my
homeland security systems  protecting my
Directional  Navigational  Algorithms  from what
ever might under-cut, demoralize, contradict  &
expose:   uncovering  the cover-up which lets me,
clod of  unknowing, go about my  busyness despite
what ever  kind of trafficking goes on and on that
I might could  be disturbed by:  railing against,

& letting IT  be known I disapprove;  count me
in with the disapprove-ers, it’s  safe to say I'm
against  the bad  guys, stupid, blithering,
confused &  ignorant.

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