Monday, July 7, 2014

If I Were Born Again

BORN AGAIN: If I were born again,
wouldn’t I be nicer? My wife would not
know me. I’d let Ego lose arguments
to others. Listen. If I were born again 

I’d quit trolling for fights on Facebook,
 stop trying to be a wise guy, leave
off showing pics of me & my muscles, 

my dogs, goats, horses, meals, kittens, 
children, visits to far away places,
girlfriends going Whoo Hooo. If I were

born again I’d stump  and vote for both
Republicans and Democrats knowing you
got to have the other to have the one.

I’d pray, if I were born again, for peace
peace where there is no peace and afflict
the comfortable as well as the afflicted too

—to make the  world a better place. I'd
post quotes of famous people, writers, 
and thinkers, painters, and musicians so 
that we might benefit by their insight
and humanism, if I were born again. 

Born Again & Again. If I were born again 
I would see what a rip-off artist I am: 
reductionist, overstater & understater,
injustice-doer, criminal discriminator 

against the whole--damaged and damaging 
if I do and damaged & damaging if I don’t, 
don’t make no never mind if I were born
again. I’d know what I was doing, comfortable
in the afflictions of of my ongoing and original
spins. Born Again Yet Again I don’t practice 
what I preach. If I were born again I sure 
would. And walk the talk, that too. Be as good
as my word. Say what I mean and mean 
what I say

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