Friday, July 11, 2014


INCONGRUENT . I’m not as good as my word,
won’t walk the talk or practice what I preach,
don’t feel your pain, pat puppies, smell roses or
coffee. Immigration, security, ISIS, environmental
change, corruption in politics on the right hand
side of the aisle, religious fundamentalism, gluten
and photoshopping don’t keep me awake at night
but I have opinions and principles during waking
hours and express them.

I have no compassion or empathy ( both curse and
blessing), but I can tolerate intolerance bless their
hearts for they don’t know what they do or any better.
I cherry pick and selectively glean what suits my
agenda in books, magazine and scholarly articles,
tv commentary & conversation, ignoring the rest,
damaged and damaging if I do or don’t do reductively
ripping-off the whole in order to advance my purpose,
aims, goals and measurable outcomes.

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