Sunday, August 24, 2014

An Enemy is as Good as a Buddha

‘An Enemy is as Good as a Buddha,”

Failure is more useful in “school mode” at least
where what don’t work is more revealing than 
what does: cracks, fissures, faults, flaws all peep
holes into wholes greater than my intentionality
and Teleological Grand Purpose (my aims, goals
measurable objectives): fracturing the otherwise 
occlusive exclusivity my agenda engenders

Never a Failure in Communication, always
state of the art  doing it’s  communicating-
thing like weather like it or not.  Characterize
it as satanic accusatorial adversarialness or
call it  con-verse-action: framed as  Game or
War: edification or conquest & hegemony
Every one a state negotiating  most favored
nation  status if not  King of  the Hill (This is
description not condemnation  and makes

good systemic sense: try it out. See if it helps.) .

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    ...or as a jihad.