Thursday, August 28, 2014

Latin: SCHOLA - :leisure time (ivory tower)

SCHOOL MODE: Imagine a Course of Another Collar:
where co-labor counts more than labor & collective genius
trumps individual accomplish-mental studies & leadership
pogroms. Where relationship ratios & shared rationalizations
matter more than discreet, digital declarations of independence
and synthesis beats hell out of thesis -&-antithesis providing
they stay in play, damnit: merging emergent emergency co-
operations oo la la, eureka & holy smokes: who wouldov
thunkit all by myself?

Imagine an environment that encourages failure, knowing
better, & suspects clarity: cultivating large margins of error's
room for play where fools rush in to give weight for give &
take: loving the bad guy as a goodie & Buddha like an enemy
you meet on the road (in “school” mode, at least—not to be
collapsed, conflated, & confused with “church” & “state” modes.)

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