Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fools Rush INN

School for Skandala.

I dare say I am PhDeGreed sufficiently  so as to
have small tolerance for the margins of error and
rooms for play it takes  to sponsor here & now cross
cultural inter-cultivation of  local gnosis beyond-
disciplinary trans-sylvanian frank & Gertrude
Steinway amalgamations of embody-mental parts
& pieces across our curriculum  so as to fabricate
perennial monster’s balls demonstrating states of
liberal art corpus christy-like: our community of
academic saints and spinners & republic of play dough. 
I dare say I am.

Out Out Out of the box! I might admonish my students
urging them to think for them selves, depending on the
course, of course and the discipline where it’s quite
conceivable it is most desirable to be thinking IN the
box for  crying out loud: out of it is out of it. But never
the less I don’t know how to do the very thing I urge:
think for your selves I say, it  sounds righteous. “Do I
you know how to think for  your self?  All these years
of lower and higher education? 

I have to be Nekker Cube-like  or Cubist:  multi-
dimensional nude  descending the staircase
simultaneously transparently revealing all
sides of the issue front & back to do justice to
what it takes to be in the box and out of it as well
as neither in nor out at the same time but  of
course that’s offensive & ridiculous to common
sense which insists  on beginnings middles and
ends and clarity too even while maybe knowing better.

No ideas but in stings & strings which is why
non-sense is important to me: crucial, actually,
the crux of whatsamatter in-between the common
sense I swim in soaking wet feeling dry: hysterical
by nature & naught-y, enwombed with no view other
than my  privileged common sense while the no-
sense  at-all which permeates feels beyond me & I
call it  chaos & filter it Fools Rush Inn, Vulgate
Procrustes  making sure it fits my common sense
terms determining chaos as if it were nothing but
my common sense which is  a good thing but I ask
myself: how do I do that? convert chaos  into common
sense so there’s NBCS—nothing but common sense,
and is this an inexhaustible process and resource like
draining the ocean  dry thru a straw or a bozone layer
I generate occluding the let-the-sunshine inn? Non
Sense lets me ask these stunningly stupid  questions
perfect for study even if only momentary consideration:
I am considerate of them. I consider myself considerate.

Common Sense on the one hand & No Sense at All
on the other. & in between: Non-Sense, neither common
sense nor not  common sense as well as neither No Sense
at All nor not No Sense at All. Thank the god’s of logic
and analogic as well as the gods of neither logic nor not
logic & the goddesses of neither analogic nor not analogic
for the gifts of neg and negativity,  yes? no? neither

yes nor not yes as well as no  & not no?

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