Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hang Your Clothes on a Hickory Tree but Don't Go Near the Water.

Safe Place

“The weight of this sad time, we must obey. Speak what
we feel, not what we ought to say.”  from King Lear

“Neither logic nor sermons  convince.”

To “provide a safe place,” we say again and again—for
this and that which in other words would be risky business:
coming out, coming forward,  coming across “ a soul’s
crossing  time.”.

And if I pay attention, take good notes, book-it & do
well in classes manage time and load, I needn’t have to
go thru hell, Vietnam, say,  Iraq, my own Private
Idaho or Afganistan or Syria of Gaza.

Skirt & circle round,  Caesarean short-cut &
no full labor need apply.. 

In Europe, school is called gymnasium—naked training,
safe place for naked  training, padded walls, mats  and
cushions, stretching exercise wellness before rings &
parallel bars.

In my courses, half of each class: a silent masquerade
& safe place to declare in  writing: commentate,
opinionize, make monkeys of ourselves:  Fools Rush
Inn  under disguise of   pseudonym, fake names:

A safe place  to split an infinitive, mix meta force,
misplace modification: Room for play, margin
for error, & a good time had by all.

Non-rigorous in the  watch-out be careful
wide load moving through volumes of
cerebral dead lines &  squinty-eyed scrutiny.
red-inked correct-ificational power-point
attention  efficient information transfer

But vigorous . Sometimes. And dead: that too.

Trampoline  jumps and  leaps of fat faith this
sporting life: a safe place to crash,
gawd I get IT.
for crying out
loud. Eureka.
My own safe place is a bubble of  oblivion,
salved & salvaging my  homeland security
systems protecting my Directional  
Navigational  Algorithms  from what ever
might under-cut, demoralize contra-addict
& expose to  uncovering  the cover-up which
lets me, clod of  unknowing, go about my
busyness despite what ever  kind of trafficking
goes on and on that I might  could be disturbed
by:  railing against, standing-for & letting IT
be known I disapprove; count me in with the
disapprovers, it’s  safe to say against the bad
guys, stupid, blithering, confused & ignorant.

where there by the grass of god go I.


  1. " You look at Hamas and you think that they've worked so hard, spent so much money, spilled so much human blood and treasure on building these tunnels, but what is the objective? To destroy and to be destroyed. That is the philosophy of death." Ayaan Hirsi Ali, one of the most courageous people--ever.

  2. This man is also very courageous.


    He loves Socrates and Plato's cave analogy, we see. Too bad the questions he fields at the end are so inappropriate; but he answers well.