Sunday, August 3, 2014

Speaking in Tons of Angles

VOICE is All  (Content’s Galore)

Any one might yet be given the gift of animal talk,
animated animus mundi from time to  time when
the spirit moves over the phase of dirt.

You can’t say it if you get it or even indicate
without stirring animosity that you know what
you are talking about: that’s what separates
it from the common sense.

It’s LIKE.

Like it’s like sending out a will of the whisper
that passes understanding behind closed doors
and threatens to bring the house down: what a riot!

Like a re-minder of lost time and time again,
remembrance of things passed, like Johnny
Appleseed: Don’t look back. Don’t look back.

It’s like stirring a pot on the stove skimming
skin off the surface of musical fruit or like
panic driving through Kansas coming out of
the mountains and there’s no  thing but flat-line
horizon & I  got to be pulling off every 50 miles
 to call home. “Hey…Ma! Help.”

Like shooting many arrows  expecting unnamed
targets to reveal  them selves: ouch, ooo, &
summon-a-gun: there’s  terrestrial intelligence
exposed.  Contact. I thought I could. I thought
I could.

But it can’t be said without taking it in vain;
talking “out of school” so to speak will sound
like glassaholic  gobble-de-gook, babble squeaking
in tongues or “program language” as  the
programmers call  IT.: Pattern language.

Not user friendly at all.  Abuser? Yes, that’s
for sure.  “We can only use [abuse]  human
terms and analogies”   (Wm Barclay)

Voice is all. 

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