Sunday, September 21, 2014

What is Mental Liberation?

A brand new grad wrote this morning:  “what is
mental  liberation, or is this just a  language problem?”
Too late to ask, I told him. Your work is done here..

I have given some thought to DRAWING THE LINE.
You know: when there’s a big old mess of concern
going on and someone almost inevitably offers the
insight: Yeah, that’s all well and good but where do we
draw the line. And I want to think well, I could step up
and say: hey, I’ll show you; I can draw a line like anything,
& even keep both sides in play the hall mark of my
mature response ability!

I can’t successfully get my students to split life-of-mind
ways of talking from life-of-body ways of talking from
life-of-body-politic ways of talking so that all three ways
of talking don’t just mush together indiscriminately
confusing the issues so bad I got to call out the noetic
ku klux klan to ride rampant through the cerebral country
side and cut the ties of faux incest and miscengenated
amalgamations that then get mistakenly acted-out in the
body politic and it’s one big ongoing throbbing wound,
our ongoing ignorant vulnerability know what I’m saying?.

 The cosmic whole-istic just-connect, it’s all-one-and-related
(relatively) environmentality is an overpowering windmill,
see, and me and my donkey Coyote mostly get thrown
whenever we tilt: THEY call up Descartes whom they have
heard has something to say about a Cartesian Split they’ve
heard bad things about and his dreams about head and body
floating separate and they don’t think THAT image stands for
wholeness, not to mention (they decry) that he thought way
too much & identified with the Thinking I AM rather then the
Body I AM or even the Political Bawdy We ARE, and so
DESCARTES becomes a shared shibboleth among these
savvy youngsters: a shield and defense agains

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