Saturday, September 27, 2014

We All Think the Same Way

“We’re all crazy egos hungry for love.”
says Sherwood Anderson.— hungry egos
crazy for love  “Grunt tu molani,” says
Henderson. the Rain King:  I want. I want.

Einstein claimed the kind of thinking that
gets us into a muddle can’t get us out.  Are
we in a muddle? Can you characterize
the kind of thinking we  think that got
us here?  Can you imaging any other kind
of thinking? (Not content or subject matter:
kind —way, manner, process.)    Say.

I am privileged to argue with fundamentalists
and atheists, agnostics, conservatives and
liberals and libertarians, Lutherans and
 orthodox Presbyterians. They  all think the
same way. Different content, sure, topics and
subject matter: we celebrate diversity. 

But the mind-set (bias & belief preservation,
homeland security bells and whistles, offense
and defense, right/wrong, correct/incorrect,
good&evil righteous king of the hill wrestling
and wrangling our truth to make known) is
same old same old--peas in a pod. 

How could it be otherwise?

Varieties of Crazy Egos hungry for love.”a

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