Thursday, October 2, 2014

LIBERAL ART (as diametrically opposed to the liberal arts)l

Liberal Art (not to be confused with the liberal arts)
Got to love it: the swirl of confusion generated not only by
talking  about stuff (tokens galore, content galore) but also
by talking about how-we’re-talking: exposing underlying
controlling metaphors and hidden assumptions, cultural
knee-jerk connotations, questioning definitions, uncovering
ambiguities and indeterminacy carried in  the terms we

One moment we’re galloping along, trot trot to Boston,trot
trot to Spain, covering ground, getting somewhere until
someone, anyone, pulls the plug on our velocity and
demands: well, what do you  mean by “reality,” “logic,”
“good,”  “convince,”  “exist.”  “is”  “hierarchy,”  “hegemony”
“meaning” and splash—we  realize we’ve been walking on
water all along, now sinking in a wonder-mire of definition
and  clarification  and quibble and argument  and down &
down  we go,  round and round we go loving that old black
magic we weave so well.    Or hating it.

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