Friday, October 3, 2014

Word Salad

It is a ridiculous demand…that you should speak
so that they can understand you. I fear lest my
my expression man y not be extra- vagant enough.
may not wander far enough beyond the narrow
limitsof my daily experience, swo as to be adequate
to the truth of which I am convinced. Extra-vagance.
It depends on how you are yarded.  (Walden)

She says, he says…. Quoting others is what I do.
The authority is never my own. A bumper sticker
and t-shirt  logo c’est moi.  Vox de auctoritas comes
from beyond &  who can be so presumptuous in this
busyness as to claim & stand by one’s own words
on these upper register matters of hierarchical levels
of logical typing: seraphim,  cherubim and thrones
in manners of speaking; dominions, virtues and 
powers,  say:  principalities, archangels and angels
 so to speak: news from beyond however any might
characterize, systematize, and keep track of all the
levels a little birdie  told me, storks flying in with
new bundles of un-postponed joy.

Wiggle the bars of your monkey cages SELF tells my
self:  these are the phases of the cross & outraged: not
sequential but simultaneous all-at-once going on and
on and sometimes I’m in one  state of minding and
then another room with no view no transition, no halls,
doorways, windows or country roads from one mode to
another by which I navigate my traveling and make my
way amazed, following the call of the wild bull-roarer
within & restless minding-- & this is merely a phenomeno-
logical description of the ghosts of my consciousness here:
any one can report on their own and we can compare

Behavioral Modification?   How does  it  change a Mind-
Set  or Attitude:  Re-Frame of Minding  recalibrating
thresholds of tolerance for my margins of error & rooms
for play re-configuring my point of  view pointing my
views,  reformatting a reformation, catalyzing a critical
mass, tweaking an intellectual terrorism or two so as to
 re-settle the cerebral Gaza strips. This  would be  noetic
Zionism; this would be humanities-division stuff of liberal
 art, I guess. Transforming my  natural fear &  loathing &

its cover-up so as to make the whirl a less bitter pace.

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