Friday, October 24, 2014

Meaning: Dead & Alive

Someone told me someone was reading my posts and said
I suspect there may be some meaning in them though I

haven’t found any yet..

See: it wouldn’t BE in the text, meaning.
Meaning's got no location
  and I can’t put my
finger on it dead or alive.
meaning is deceptive and seductive too because I think
I’ve GOT it by George, right in the palm of my hand and
spend, send, pass it along but it’s dead, is why— deadening or deadly.
meaning (on the other hand) has no residence or address
even though I will still locate it: collapse, conflate and slap
it on
to some thing or other, the redness of an apple, or embarrassment
of riches, “my this movie is thrilling” and “how come They don’t
lower taxes”—me: reifying, personifying, subjectifying, objectifying
meaning like looking for love in all  the wrong places.
meaning’s an emergency, emerging,  thank Gödel. Always.
Rises up out of relationship—yes?  It’s all relative for crying out
loud, an emergent  phenomenon, novel intercourse among the
interstices, brief bright  bridge or better: a spark between I and
Thou, ignition, genesis, capitol gains; there’s no thing to it.
“EMERGENCE” of novel properties and new phenomena & let this

buzz-word over throw and supplant “SUSTAINABILITY”

& “greening” too in a manner of squeaking.

Don’t go looking for meaning in any thing I say &  together we can

raise a ruckus, lever a roof top,  build more stately mansions that
  our selves out with domes more vast than mere emergency
properties and epi-phenomenal real estate.

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