Sunday, October 26, 2014

Interlude (mid term exam)


To Fictionists, Linguists, Transcend
Dentalists and Colleagues Across
the Curriculum. enin

As opposed to prelude and postlude—
before the play and after the play. an
interlude is a pause between acts and
actions.   Ludic = play, game  (Illudic,
illusion, delusion = not in play, out
of it.)

For you fully to appreciate my courses,
you must realize  what a proper waste
of time  they  are—how Not Rigorous &
easy  compared to the OTHERS. the
surrounding necessary demands, text and
content agenda-driven ground-coverage
rubric assessed and measureable
objectives. The values and meaning of
Regular and Regulation.


On the one hand, let that upward arrow represent
and  stand for our  dominant thrust—the  arrow of
 purpose. Getting some where. A good  thing

On the other hand (appropriately antithetical
and antagonistic in value):

Let that represent and stand for hap-y, un-fliltered
and unagenda-ized HAP—what’s actually happening
under the cover-up of our purposes, determinations,
plans, expectations, ways of talking. Chaos: source
of the new and mother of invention.

Polarize these two images and what they stand for:
their radically different and incommensurate values.
Don’t let either reduce or contaminate the other—
at least conceptually: in your own  mind-set.

In real-time, of course, not only are they fused and
confused,  but it’s clear which dominates, which is
subordinate, yes?  Which rules the roost, so to speak
and which is sent to the cellar or attic—banished
from kitchen cupboards and cupcakes.

The sound of one hand slapping.

So what?

So what I ask. Seriously.  

Whatever the token content, texts, catalogue
subject-matter: this here what I’m saying  is
my course: broken for view.  

An  Environmentalism   Liberal Art (I insist)
not to be conflated with the practical and
pragmatic instrumental  values of the liberal
arts—those majors and minors, poster and
capstone events.

Need we argue? Of course. We must.
Or what’s a college for?

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