Saturday, October 4, 2014


               A new method of
              representation is a
              real event…a new
              method of description
              would involve us in
              a new world, a world
              of new problems
              and new solutions. (MCB)


The Poet Laureate of Dullville lulled  to sleep on the
 lap of the Goddess of  Dullness. During  his  slumber,
he sees  a vision: past, present,  & future triumphs
of the Empire. Finally, Goddess,  having  destroyed
order & science, establishes her kingdom on a firm
basis, gives direction to her various agents to prevent
thought and keep people to foolish  and trifling pursuits
and Night & Chaos are restored and  the poem ends.

[from  Wm Rose Benet’s  synopsis of  Alexander Pope’s
(and then  Colley  Cibby’s 18th  re- configuration of)
                          The Dunciad. ]

Like Big Boy having to be funny for 7th  graders just to
get by —beat them  to the punch lines so to speak,
parade fat folly like virtue,  laughs instead  of wedgies;
me:  stupido among smarties,  dunciad  dancing with
the doctorate, sustaining a  jiggle dance juggling  jocularity
sure it’ll break ice  at last: butt crack the universe so as to
re-create joy of  learning & never stop the  yearning  for
attention all around.

(We have an urgent need to develop new patterns
of thought and to find  ways to teach these new
patterns which would represent a profound change
in understanding rather than the superficial additions
of new slogans. (Mary Catherine Bateson: Our Own


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