Sunday, October 5, 2014


Paradigm Shift

Fred Flatlander meets & falls for Sally Sphere.
“What circles she spins!" he explains infatuated:
"Round & round I go.”
Walking on Eggs…
Walking on Water
2  teams, let’s say, for Sustain  Abilities Sake, will represent the
dynamic duo of our ongoing Reality  Show:   WOE & WOW.
Got to join one. OR  the other.
Egg Walkers: you guys gather together on the  West Side of
Canon, cafeteria side.  Water Walkers: collect to the  East,
over-looking our rope swing  & hippie day-care  center.
We’ll split this Lounge  right down the muddle  and let there
be no collapse, conflation, or confusion among us,  fundamentally
a 2 party system. Divided we stand, damnit,  as  long as our division
 isn’t fudged, denied & covered up among us   --WOE & WOW--
& we can all tell the difference.
The DIFFERENCE between  the 2 Teams ought to be obvious for
crying out loud;  if not, anyone can demonstrate it. Easily. Imagine!
2 radically different incommensurate & appropriately “hostile”
sets of values: walking on eggs  / walking on water 

And the game is to SEE the RELATIONSHIP: see how they  
complement  by  competition, love by hate,  hook & by crook
and Just Get Along  to make a  difference  that makes a difference
--not for every body but then we’re not.
What they have in common  (as SAME):  both are impossible
Out-of-the-Possibility-Box . Beyond Success & Failure.  No one  
can DO either—each grasping beyond our  reaching.  
walk on eggs (woe) /   walk on water (wow)
So failure is a given. Assured. No problem.  And success,  too —
guaranteed  The purpose, aim, objective: to CHOOSE  Your  
Impossibility Team  Whom you want  to work with .to plan with ,
to play with , to pray with ,  to bray with ,  to hang with:
                    eam Egg Walkers
                  Team Water Walkers. 
Got to choose free willy/nilly one or the other: No not-voting
allowed —no outlaws, boundary squatters, fence- sitters,
in-betweeners: got to chose a  TEAM  regardless of  your daily
double-agent shilly-shally, playing one set of  values  off against
the other on an hourly basis, egg  walking at 9:am, like water for
chocolate by evening     WOE & WOW  getting it on & on & on
& on.
still: let One  team  be  your mistress dominant  pair of dimes
you salute uber  alles devoted,  dedicated,  addicted,  conscripted:
your service project muse & mission  impossible: walking on eggs

or  water; can’t do both simultaneously  without cognitive & affective
dissonance  & institutional mayonnaise
And then,  let the games begin: soft  & volley ball, mission impossibilities,
spelling bees, capture the flags, Duck Duck, Goose Goose… We’ll
all get GOOD at it. Playing & running with scissors, paper, and rocks.

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