Saturday, November 8, 2014

Critical Thinkng

Critical Thinking

“The greater part of what my [colleagues]
call good  I believe in my soul to be bad, and
if I repent of anything,  it is very likely to be
my good behavior.    What  demon possessed
me that I behaved so well?”

(Thoreau, slightly modified to fit my screed.)

“Who does he think he is!” my  students say.
Who do I think I  AM? I ask myself, sharing
the sentiment.

Overstatement, I could say—suggesting a slight
disclaimer for both of us: me and Thoreau.
For the sake  of argument, provocation maybe:
but props to Henry. I wouldn’t say such a thing
in public. Who do I think I am?

My good wife  can’t stand to hear me criticize
others, news on tv,  commentators, commercials,
bromide and platitude distributors.  “You don’t
have a leg to stand on, Sam.”

 “’All Cretans are liars,’ says Epiminedes, the liar.”

“I hate you all,” sometimes I exclaim  to my students
after a  good class.  They think it’s funny.

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