Sunday, November 9, 2014

Genius is he Enemy of genius

Genius is the Enemy of Genius
(Re: Collaborative Genius as
opposed to Singular.)

“Clarity is not a virtue.                                              “ Do you meditate, sam?”                                                   
a student asked
If everything you say is detailed and explicit,                                              in class.
you won’t give your collaborators room to run.
                                                                                                        I call it prayer
Put ideas out there that are half-baked, ideas                              contemplation
where you’re not even sure what it means yet.                                     
Put yourself in an environment that rewards failure.                                                 &
                                                                                                                  wrangle :
Creativity is risky; successful creative people are also               wrestling with 
the ones who fail the most often.                                                           
god or the
angel art
Creativity is inefficient.                                                    musing,  buttfarming
cerebral googling   
Don’t expect every idea and every project to pan out.      affective palpitating
Know when to cut your losses and move on.               
panic attack &  anxiety  
                                                                                               reading palms and
“Innovation emerges from the bottom up,                                   Green tea leaves
unpredictably, and it’s only after the innovation       casting coins or straws
has occurred that every one realizes what’s happened.                with my I-Ching
                                                                            switching on the car radio
Innovation can’t be planned;    leaning in to  listen (obey) knowing the
can’t be predicted:        next song will speak to me, opening up room
it has to be allowed     in the inn what might fly by, stork or cargo
to emerge. Like      plane delivering the goods and it’s all the same
successful               to me, part & partial full of desire to cultivate
improvisation.         a part-to-whole relationship,  damnit: whatever
                                                               the discipline, practice, tradition
Key to understanding innovation:                          or method comes to
to realize that collaborative webs                                       mind.
are more important than creative
people. The power of this               go and do likewise I guess don’t         
collaborative web …is               necessarily mean sandals and saffron
what companies must                       but building up some frame of
tap into if they want                                    minding maybe from
to create a culture                                          crying out loud
that encourages              
significant                                           need we argue ?  Of course.
innovation.” from Keith Sawyer                        we must.
Group Genius: The Creative Power

of Collaboration.

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