Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Examined Life

I  fear, hate, distrust, worry, envy, manipulate,
attempt control, maintain personal homeland
security bells and whistles systems, negotiate
relationships to my advantage as much as possible
etc etc etc so it’s no great stretch to identify with
and appreciate hysteria on all sides of the I’ll –
individual and collective reaction and outrage and
clamor for justice whatever team one plays on: cops
(bastards) on the one hand, rioters (anarchists) on
the other-- indignant observers on the fence,
fearful and threatened and hate all around abounds;
it makes perfect systemic sense no  doubt: good guys
and bad guys on both sides & they can't Just Get
Along. No man does WRONG knowingly says Socrates
but most of my self examined students disagree.
Righteous. “I’ve done some  wrong knowingly.”
They say

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