Tuesday, November 25, 2014

There are Good Guys & Bad Guys

In my Facebook stream: there are good guys and there
are bad guys. They don't just get along. The good guys
are on the side of Right and Reason and Should Be
Obvious. The bad guys are pathetic, ignorant, illogical,
greedy lying self-serving or at best just misguided, poor
somabitches. They are on the side of Wrong because they
are so wrong as far as I'm concerned--not even close: I
can't even see how they see how they see. I don't like
the bad guys and won't even fake it. Bastards.
The problem with the Bad Guys (if I'm being charitable)
is they haven't had the upbringing and education and
advantages that I've had. Somewhere along the line they
took the wrong path, misguided even if they HAD had a
proper upbringing and education. and live in the north.
I scold them whenever I can, spank too if possible—assuming
both are salutary means and methods & best I can do. Mostly
I'm not that charitable and just don't like them and don't mind
not liking them either. Ignorant bastards.
The beauty part about Bad Guys Galore (bountiful) is that if
you are a Critical Thinker it's an ongoing field day daily practice
like prayer: skeet shooting behind barn doors, shooting fish in
a barrel switching meta force in mid stream, piece of cake eating
and having it too like anything. Can't miss.
If it weren't for Bad Guys across the aisle, most of us on Facebook
wouldn't have anything to post about. Well, many (Grant me that. )
It'd just be more dogs & kittens & small children in bathing suits,
pictures of supper plates, girls in clubs going woo woo, bacon
donuts, sunrise in California and stuff-like-that. So there's THAT
to be said for Bad Guys.
Varieties of Bad Guy Experience. Might be surprised how many
kinds of Bad Guys there are--not just a cookie cutter one size fits
all deal. Most of them are on "the other side of the I'll" --I'll grant
you that. But many many are all around and I don't even know it
till they say something like the n word or cross the street to avoid
homeless, vote the wrong way from me and even argue about it,
prefer democracy to freedom and crack on Obama, that hypocrite
bastard, want to steal our water, zone our property, run marathons
excessively and humblebrag about it, express unasked-for religious
belief and pray in public, post pictures of the rear-ends of their dogs
and donuts with bacon on them. Embarrassment of riches.
Bad Guys! Bad Guys

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