Thursday, December 18, 2014


PROSTITUTION – “to stand before, up front” Click Bait:
See me hear me touch me feed me, like me really like me.
I do what I can to call  attention to me, my selfies. and I.
I pro stitute my apple dumplings, baked bread, dogs-on-a-
sofa, big ideas and profundities in order to expose my self.
Can’t think of any other good reason. Do you see what I see?
We  could argue.  Virtual Groves of Academe.  Hide Park.
“We’re all crazy egos hungry for love,” says Sherwood
Anderson and it’s maybe the denial and cover-up that
raises the bozone layer and explains a lot.

Fear, Hate, Greed, Desire, Jealousy, Envy: I treat them as if they were
aberrations rather than fundamental human nature o my goodness
no so  then it makes sense that I deny and cover over, bury them in the
cellar or chain in the attic  and slap my head  in consternation at irrational
and illogical response to things.  “What were they thinking?” I exclaim.

Stunned. Astonished.

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