Sunday, December 21, 2014

Salem Salem

“In life we make progress by  conflict and in mental life
by argument and disputation....  There must be confrontation
and opposition, in order that   sparks must be kindled. 
Only an open conflict of ideas  and principles can produce
 any clarity.” (J. S. Mill)

“Crying Peace! Peace Where There is No Peace. “ But there
is Virtual Noetic Fight Club. Cerebral Wrestling. Israelic.
Better than gluten-free golf, bottle-water jogging, binging,
purging & cutting, PSD  (photo-shop dysmorphia),
Christianmingle,  ritalin, adderall et al--whenever 2 or 3
gather  to  contend, argue, dispute, beg to differ, caterwaul,
rap, quarrel:  practicing and celebrating the unpostponed
joy of converse action.  Or what’s a Facebook  good for?
“Without Contraries is No Progress.” Bring it. Bring it on.

Wrestle  ye merry.  Make the world a better place.

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