Monday, December 22, 2014

The Blame Shall Enter First

The Blame Shall Enter First: I confess in confidentiality
not to be repeated please or held against me: leave the
room if you can’t take this in confidence & the spirit with
which it is professed.  I feel more comfortable hanging with
The Baddies than The Goodies, Baddies so transparently
screwed-up  & closer to the EDGE of our unsustainable
sustain-abilities than us Decent Wanna-Bees maintaining
a cover-up, wearing a wink & hoisting a proper sunday-school
concern when needed so as to preserve our system against
increasing varieties of Baddies hobble-de-hoyden trailing
clouds of diagnostics & no elevator to hoist above & beyond
a 3rd floor of Humane Division but rather re-habituating a
habit tattoing our habitats & habilitations by stretch & by cut
so as to fit Baddies into our Ways of Knowing as we Know it,
do-it,  have always done-it, will do-it and must: service equipping
them poor huck finished tom-tom sawyers with helmets &
kneepads & pharmaceutical soothe-saying counter-jitterbugging
alternative attention efficiencies so as  to not let them waste
their precious time-managemental sustain abilities.

We’ll show them. Stay their course. When they crack—eventually
we’ll peek though the fissures & maybe see something re our
habitual  sustainability sustainingthe unsustainable. News from
Noise. How could it be other wise?

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