Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Problem of Evil, Obedience, and Clarity

The problem of “evil” (I.E. upos: “up from under”)
is a classic philosophical  problem—maybe psychological.
Theologians don’t have a problem with evil—but  rather
an  explanation, reason-why, because & affect. Original
Spin: Human nature. Bad boys! Bad boys! It’s the denial
and  cover up that generates the bozone layer.    

There is only obedience but it can’t be said—ridiculous
to the savvy and offensive to the conscientious.  “Obey
my butt! Who do you think you are?”  Who do I think
I am?   Mum’s the word.

Shameless: To make things perfectly or even approximately
somewhat clear is a convenience and a convention but also
a violent criminal  reduction of the whole if not holy —getting
away with murder and no wonder I feel debt, owing a guilty
thorn in the flesh, pea under the mattresses  that will never be
assuaged contradiction and paradox not with standing. I talk
out of 3 sides of my mouth best I can but can’t do justice.  This
is ridiculous to the savvy and offensive to the conscientious.

No doubt.   

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