Friday, January 2, 2015

Fragments In a New Year

Fragments In a New Year

Ok Ok you win, damnit—facts and figures
stats and data. Got me.  Nailed me no doubt.   

You do the math.

Afflict the afflicted.
The comfortable are comfortable.

Global Secular Humanists: Unite.
We’ll build a stair way to Paradise.
(with a new step every day.)

Ridiculous to the Savvy
Offensive to the Conscientious.

Practical on the one hand.
Pious on the other hand.
Clap & Clap.

Sense, Nonsense, & No Sense At All
Mothers of Invention.

Apocalyptic / Apologetic 
Go together like horse and carriage.

Just Do it for crying out loud
Don’t be talking about How
Explaining. Rationalizing.
Reasons-Why.   Gaza.
Gluten. Golf. You
do the math.

Who’s your Dada now?


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