Monday, December 8, 2014

Ridiculous to the Savvy; Offensive to the Conscientious

Ridiculous to the savvy
Offensive to the conscientious.

Good & Evil Abounding: I  can as easily identify with the
racists because I am fearful, anxious & full of hate likewise
& can appreciate moral outrage don’t matter which side of
the koine right & wrong’s awesome and  OMG justifies my
love and high-ground dismay & interpretation, explanation,
blamation,  reasons-why and scapegoat cause & effect so it
won’t ever happen again.

I don't feel smart let alone clever unless I'm criticizing some
thing.  Fortunately, it's a piece of cake—galore with flaws
and faults and discrepancies, ubiquitous the  inconsistencies
and contradictions,
beaulalandfill full of peccadilloes & errors,
slips and slides, chutes and ladders: OMG  the bumbles and
muddles on both sides of the  I'll:  good and plenty make me
smart  like anything one hand tied behind  my back.

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