Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Violence Bears IT Away

         The Violence Bears IT Away
                      (Cuts like a knife)

(Etymological explanation of the merely existential
Origins of Guilt & Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Attention
Deficiency, Early Onset Restless Legs Syndrome,
Binging & Purging, & Cutting, The Constant Washing
of Hands and The Ongoing Neediness  to Get R Done....)
Indo European: skai  =  to strike and cut: generates
“Caesar,” “chisel,” “scissors,” “circumcise,” “ precise,”
= to cut and split: generates Latin:   sciere: to
know by separating one thing
from another
. “science,”
“conscience,” “conscious.”—also “nice” from ne-sciere
 not knowing.
= to cut, separate, sift: Latin    scribere: to scratch:
scribble,” scribe,” “scripture,” also “discriminate” (sifting,
separating, deciding
) and “certain,” “concern,” “decree,”
“discrete” as well as “excrete,”  “excrement” and “shit” (from
Old English: scitan
, Germanic skitan, Old Norse skita.)
“Criticism” and “discernment”: to cut off  and separate the
preferred from the deferred
;  “secret” grows from the  Latin
crimen and shares the same skeri notion of cutting, 
 separating, sifting. The Greek kremein (to separate, decide,
gives us “crisis,” “critic,” “criterion,” “diacritical” and
“hypocritical.” From the same  root, the Russians derived krai:
edge, brink .
Deciding, criticizing:  first cut and then choose, discard and
mostly  ignore the remains. Bloody business, and violence
& crime  to whole & holy. 
Every discriminating  action rejects  what won’t fit: all the left-outs
and  -overs, castaways and rejects, exiled  and abandoned: psychic
waste &  toxic if not recycled.
A butcher’s term: to cut the beast cleanly at
the joints with minimum blood  and gristle;
 "arthritus" shares
the same joint root—as does, of course: "ART" -- ertia & inertia at
the junctures, the crossroads.
THINKING is a violence to any Whole.
Guilty.  I feel it. No wonder. Obligated. In debt. Ripping-off pieces
of this and that. My punish-mental studies & readership programs.
What a  pain! What moving violations!  The damage done.

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