Thursday, December 4, 2014

Like Me Really Like Me

Like me: really like me. I am against fear and
hate and envy and desire –anxiety and panic:
no room for them in my inn. I disapprove of 
narcissism and solipsism, xenophobia and
misogyny. Have little sympathy for bingers
and purgers, cutters and resttess legs syn-
drome: somewhat more for attention deficiency
depression and mania. Misanthropy I confess
makes sense to me but I will not over indulge.
So I stand on the side of the good guys and the
right side of history,appalled at the bad guys
galore and thank god I am not like them. Hear
me roar.



  2. Sounding Brass. I speak with tons of angles, a resonating
    gong show clanging symbols fathoming mysteries, explaining reasons-why: moving monuments easily angered & proud of it. I keep record of wrongs and delight in exposing evil—stick in my thumb, pull out a plumb & o what a good boy am I.

  3. The "iphoneless" cinches it nicely, I think (speaking as a fellow-addicted). Our devices make it easy to be constantly outraged, righteously.