Friday, December 5, 2014


The delight I take in my idiocy is shameful if not
guilt-inducing which it is not: merely a matter of
dealing with shame: I can stand shame more and
more and more, it’s guilt I can’t bear. Idiocy is
the source of originating,  generating a point of view,
true?  A price to pay: sacrificing  the idiotic to the
common sense.  Suffers in translation. To die for.

Not common sense itself,  I acknowledge: how
could it be and still be idiotic?  Potentially, maybe:
crucified idiocy : a  common sense or two —but that
determination is beyond me and my control: I would
have  it all become some  common sense, perfectly
clear and everyone salute it too

The “new” and the “emergent”: where else its source
but in some one or another’s idiosyncrasy  busting
out all over like June bugs slamming my screened-
in porch some early summer night.  Let me in let me
 inn: you lite up my night. No one can think out of
the box who worries about thinking out of the box.

The problem is: how can anyone outside the box
think inn? Breaking per-sonic barriers & distant
early warning systems & all that homeland security
blocking holy terrorists who would boomlay boomlay
be bringing  down the house, yes?

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