Thursday, December 11, 2014

Whole-istic Thinking

Whole-istic Thinking

When clarity & predictability are so cherished, it’s difficult
 to make a case for confusion &  indeterminacy. When
rationality and logic carry  such status, it’s a challenge to
appreciate the  irrational and analogical (if not illogical)

Sense is boss: nonsense and no-sense-at-all are blue-collar
workers or homeless  one’s not liable to bring for
Christmas Dinner. No room in the inn. Pity.

A young girl gets sick of suburbia, shop lifts, runs away to
the city, hooks up with a pimp, lands in jail.  Sent home to
begin life over again—worse for wear.  It’s an English theme
she’s writing.  No thesis.  Somewhat confusing to read unless
you don’t mind  the lack of sequential order and can go with
the flow.

Beginnings, Middles, Ends (closure) This is the temporal
sequential structure to which we are most naturally addicted.

Even these sentences as well as talk-in-air and the music we
love is time bound and temporal and  reinforces the habit of
beginnings, middles, and ends.

As opposed to All-At-Once Simultaneity which is what we
swim in—alma matrix, whelm, womb, hustera, unconscious
—but can barely conceive of & hardly access or appreciate
because of our time-bound  beginnings, middles, ends.

Once upon a time: first this, then that, than more to come—
in  sequence. Not All At Once

Can you conjure right now your simultaneous all-at-once
experience going on?  Represent? IT is actually more of
lived experience than the temporal beginning middle end

We reduce all-at-once & the unconscious to it came-upon-
the-midnight-clear of beginnings middles & ending because
that’s the dominant manipulative and instrumental  habit
of consciousness.

Hurry up please, it's  Time. Going some where. Getting stuff

No wonder BeHereNow is almost impossible to access.   All at
Once-ness, not in sequence.  Think of what is HAP-ening all at

once right now in this room which you can’t say or represent
or image  or imagine except sequentially.  A reduction, yes?
An  injustice,  true?  A rip-off of the whole, don’t you agree?
A crime.  An act of violence, so to speak. 

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