Saturday, January 31, 2015

Critical Thinking Uber Alles

Afflict the Afflicted (the comfortable are Comfortable)

If you are a Critical Thinker (like me) and
love to be critical and criticize: the world
is your oyster, pearl, cherry tree, Beaulaland, 
fish in a barrel, catbird seat. There’s always
something wrong,  wounded, vulnerable, 
broken, damaged  & needing repair, 
healing (we like to say)—inconsistencies 
and discrepancies, weakness and error,
incompleteness of course which is to say
imperfect by nature and I  don’t have to know 
much to criticize. Just be watching news any 
news,  links, magazines, tv shows, political 
priorities and races,  lunchroom conversations, 
 Facebook —o my my any post any thread just
begging for it. Embarrassment of riches. Any
one can get better and good with practice. 
Stick in a thumb, pull out a plumb: o what a 
good boy am I.  

The beauty of being a Critical Thinker is that I
provide the  Archimedean Lever and ground that
shifts the whole world in ways that suit my 
procrustean bias, belief, prejudice, conviction,
agenda, aim purpose, measurable objectives. It’s
my story and I’m sticking to it. I’ve had students
point out the inadequacies of Plato and Wallace 
Stevens and Obama, Gladfelter Food, numerous
bands and teams and police brutalities; a face book
bicker buddy  delights in the ridiculousness of
Religion In All Forms and others like shooting deer 
in the spotlight. Say what I see. See what I
say.  And I won’t back down.  

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