Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pedagogies For the Depressed

Success strokes, and pampers my Belief.
Failure stokes, sticks and provokes my Faith.
My Faith is absurd. Passes understanding. Makes
no common sense. Ridiculous to the savvy.
Obnoxious to the conscientious. Hate it.

METISs .  Be here now devoid of personal agenda
as if in-game response able to hap  happening
not what ought to be—lost in it watching my
students one by one zip up their back packs
push in their chairs and walk out of class early.
Done with it. Is what it is.

To Provoke and Educe is not the same deal as
to Instruct and Inform.  Really different.
Incommensurate. Pete Provocation and Irene
Instruction walk into a bar. Do you think they’ll
Just Get Along? Who’ll be boss? Dominant
pair of dimes?   I’m going to tell you. Give you
the answer. It’ll be on the exam. Write this


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